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  Potsdam :
Walking tours in Potsdam - Individual guided tours
Your city guide and guided tours in Berlin & Potsdam

Jean-Pierre Andreae
Raabestraße 10 D- 10405 Berlin
e-Mail :
phone: +49 30 21 11 555   Fax: +49 30 44 30 83 04
Mobile: +49 151 25 37 37 37

Look forward to exciting forays through the city’s history and architecture, plus a look at the latest developments in Berlin and Potsdam.

The themed tours have been designed as guided walks of around two hours and are available in German and English. Depending on time and budget, the topics can also be combined in any way you wish.

About me: I grew up on a country estate by the Danube and could have been considered a typical provincial boy. After finishing secondary school in the town of Neuburg an der Donau, I went on to study in Munich, the capital of the state of Bavaria, becoming a state-certified translator and interpreter of business English. I would probably have remained in Munich if the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 hadn’t thoroughly shaken up my own life plans with it. In any case, I was so enthralled by the different and exciting prospects on offer in the new German capital that I moved to Berlin shortly after reunification to study for an additional degree in journalism. I was already well familiar with the city from previous visits. I therefore have first-hand experience both of the divided city and of the whole period of development since reunification – something I’m now very pleased to have experienced.

While I was working for the 2000 Olympic Games bid organisation, I very quickly got to know the city extremely well. My ongoing interest in Berlin’s history and the development of the city was also aroused at that time. Today, I work as a professional host and guide for the numerous new Berliners and Berlin visitors and it would be a pleasure to meet you
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